Foundation Lodge History

Foundation Stone Lodge was established in 1753 by the Stonemasons who built the first Masonic Hall in London. Many Lodges may use a Masonic Hall and presently over 30 Lodges can meet in separate Lodge rooms in Grand Lodge in Great Queen Street in London.

Our history is illustrated by our emblem of masons laying the foundation stone of a building. Now known as Foundation Lodge it remained in London until 1807 and then moved to Abingdon near Oxford.

Ten years later it moved to Cheltenham where it was established in the town by about 15 of the town's worthy men who were central to starting many of the organisations which have been responsible for creating the ambiance of Cheltenham.

Our Lodge number is 82 in the register of the Grand Lodge of England making us one of the oldest lodges in the country; if not the world. In 1820 the 15 brethren of Foundation Lodge decided that they wanted to meet in their own building rather than in one of the town's hotels and set about building their own Masonic Hall.


Over the years many of the towns leading 'personalities' have been Freemasons such as MPs, mayors, solicitors, doctors and a range of professional men. Dr Edward Jenner was a member of the Lodge.

Foundation Lodge History

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